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Who runs CommonRoom?

Think Computer Corporation.

Does it cost anything to sign up?

Yes. We charge $49.99 per year for new users, unless you have an invitation, in which case the price is reduced to $29.99 per year. Academics, students and journalists with a valid .edu or media e-mail address can sign up for $9.99 per year.

Are there banner ads on CommonRoom?


What makes CommonRoom different from other social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn?

A lot. As mentioned above, we don't depend on banner advertising for revenue, so CommonRoom has a fundamentally different business model than other social networking sites you may have heard of. Here are some other differences:

  • Think isn't funded by venture capital. That means we have the option of growing our products at a slow, reasonable paceā€”or not at all.
  • Instead of treating everyone you know as a "friend" or a "follower," we let you break down your connections to other people in ways that make intuitive sense: family, friends, work colleagues, classmates from school, and followers.
  • Tags are part of what makes CommonRoom unique: you can associate tags with people you know, messages, posts, and even files.
  • We don't track your use of other websites.
CommonRoom may look similar to other social networking products in some ways, but many of the differences are nuanced and affect the way that you use the site. You might not even notice them, but they're there.

Does CommonRoom use cookies?

Only on the CommonRoom website. Cookies simply tell our site that you're signed in. It would be really difficult to make the site work without them.

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